Second British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Oxford: 12 - 14 April 1950     

The enrolment was 122.    The chairman was J H C Whitehead and the secretary was E C Thompson.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1950

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1950

The plenary speakers were:

Cartwright, M LSome boundary value problems
Rees, DCohomology in abstract algebra
Taylor, RFibre bundles

The morning speakers were:

Hilton, P JThe Hilbert problem for three dimensional groups
Mahler, KValuation theory
Newman, M H ATopological groups
Northcott, D GAn application of valuations to the theory of ideals
Scott, D BValuation theory and birational geometry
Smithies, FAlgebraic methods in analysis
Titchmarsh, E CAn eigenfunction problem
Whitehead, J H CFibre mappings