Seventh British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Exeter: 6 - 8 September 1955     

The enrolment was 179.    The chairman was T A Brown and the secretary was H Halberstam.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1955

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1955

The plenary speakers were:

Cartan, HOn the Eilenberg-Mac Lane groups
Newman, M H AOrdinal logic
Reidermeister, KKnots and braids

The morning speakers were:

Barnard, G ARecent developments in the theory of statistical inference
Green, J AThe character of the finite general linear groups
Hilton, P JFibre spaces
Kendall, D GMarkov processes and semigroups
Rogers, C AThe moments of the number of points of a lattice in a bounded starbody
Ruston, A FComplex function theory for vector-valued functions
Smithies, FThe Weierstrass-Stone approximation theorem
Wall, G EAlgebraic theory of the classical groups
Yates, FHow will electronic computers affect statistics?