Sixteenth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Leicester: 31 March - 4 April 1964     

The enrolment was 225.    The chairman was R L Goodstein and the secretary was R O Davies.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1964

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1964

The plenary speakers were:

Henrici, PSome applications of the quotient-difference algorithm in classical analysis
Rogers, C AThe Brunn-Minkowski theorem and related inequalities
Tits, J LJordan algebras and exceptional Lie algebras

The morning speakers were:

Blackburn, NFinite p-groups
Cohn, P MUnique factorisation domains
Dold, AClassical fixed-point theorems
Edrei, ADeficiencies of meromorphic functions
Hirzebruch, FGroup structures in topology
Lighthill, M JAsymptotic properties of Fourier integrals and of solutions of partial differential equations
Milnor, JDiffeomorphisms of a sphere
Smithies, FHomotopy invariants of elliptic equations
Wilkinson, J HStability of unitary transformations