Twenty sixth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Sussex: 2 - 4 April 1974     

The enrolment was 482.    The chairman was W Ledermann and the secretary was D Newton.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1974

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1974

The plenary speakers were:

Bass, H A brief history of algebraic K-theory
Brieskorn, E Topology of singularities and related topics
Stampacchia, G Various applications of the theory of variational inequalities

The morning speakers were:

Beineke, L WGraphs on surfaces, colourings, coverings and crossings
Binmore, K GFunctional analytic applications in classical analysis
Diamond, H GIterative methods in sieve theory
Douglas, RCompact perturbations, extensions of C*-algebras and K-homology
Eggleston, H GSlightly more general convexity theory
Ellis, A JSome applications of convexity theory
Epstein, D B ANatural tensors in Riemannian manifolds
Griffiths, H BIs there any mathematics in Mathematical Education?
Gruenberg, K WSome properties of the symmetric group of degree three
Irwin, M CSmooth dynamical systems
Powell, M BPlacing' theorems for finite groups and some applications thereof
Priddy, S BDerived functors of the symmetric algebra
Ray, NDo topologists need coherence?
Rees, DGenerators of ideals and modules
Robson, J CSome rings of differential polynomials
Scott, D SSheaves and logic
Vaughan, R CRecent work in additive prime number theory
Wright, J D MFunctional analysis for the practical man