Twenty seventh British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne: 9 - 11 April 1975     

The enrolment was 499.    The chairman was B E Johnson and the secretary was R M White.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1975

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1975

The plenary speakers were:

Bombieri, E
Cartier, P A survey of measure theory in the past ten years
Hirzebruch, F Intersection numbers and class number relations

The morning speakers were:

Bonsall, F FAn intrinsic view of the Hardy spaces
Churchhouse, R FSome recent discoveries in number theory and analysis made by computers
Gordon, C McAKnot cobordism
Hodgkin, LProblems in K-theory
Livingstone, DGroups, geometries and non-linearity
Manning, ATopological entropy
Masser, D WSome results in transcendence theory
McMullen, PWhat Euler's relation tells us
Moran, WInfinite convolution measures
Penrose, RGravitons and complex manifolds
Rado, RConditions satisfied by every partition of the positive integers into finitely many classes
Roseblade, J EFiniteness conditions in groups and their rings
Taylor, J LSome invariants associated with Banach algebras
Taylor, S JThe regularity of randomness
Thomas, C BContact structures
Wiegold, JWhat transitive groups have fixed-point-free permutations?
Wraith, G CGeneric structures and topoi