Thirty fifth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Aberdeen: 6 - 8 April 1983     

The enrolment was 220.    The chairman was J R Hubbock and the secretary was R J Archbold.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1983

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1983

The plenary speakers were:

Nirenberg, L Comments on non-linear problems
Quillen, D G Infinite determinants over algebraic curves arising from problems in geometry, differential equations and number theory
Sullivan, D P Conformal dynamical systems: a survey of classical and recent results

The morning speakers were:

Batty, C J KAffine geometry, commutation and unitary equivalence in C*-algebras
Bourguignon, J PYang-Mills theory: the analytic side
Brown, E HStable homotopy and spectra
Cook, R JSimultaneous additive equations
Harvey, W JGeometric aspects of the moduli problem for Riemann surfaces
Hodges, W AGames for building algebraic examples
Holt, D FSome applications of computing to group theory
Jameson, G J OExtensions, projections and 2-summing norms
Kendall, W SStochastic Riemannian geometry
Kosniowski, CFixed points of group actions on manifolds
Looijenga, E J NSingularities and groups
Ranicki, A AThe homotopy theoretic characterization of topological manifolds
Stafford, J TDivision rings of enveloping algebras and group rings
Thomassen, CPlanar graphs
Toland, J FSome elementary global theory for non-linear elliptic eigenvalue problems
Wood, J CHarmonic maps and their applications
Woodhouse, N M JSymplectic geometry and classical analogies
Young, N JPower transfer and the non-Euclidean geometry of operators