Thirty sixth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Bristol: 10 - 12 April 1984     

The enrolment was 260.    The chairman was J C Shepherdson and the secretary was H E Rose.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 1984

Committee Meeting Minutes for 1984

The plenary speakers were:

Furstenberg, H Ergodic theory and Diophantine problems
Rabin, MThe uses of randomisation
Serre, J-P Curves over finite fields

The morning speakers were:

Allenby, R B J TResidual properties of 1-relator groups
Bingham, N HTauberian theorems, old and new
Dixon, P GMultiplicative functionals on topological algebras
Drake, F RLarge cardinals as a measure of the power of assumptions
Dunwoody, M J Ends of graphs and groups
Fowler, DA new interpretation of early Greek mathematics
Jackson, WCycle coverings of graphs
Kirby, DFinite complexes of free modules, multiplicity and Hilbert functions
Maclachlen, CArithmetic Fuchsian groups
Power, S COperators and function theory
Read, C JA solution to the invariant subspace problem
Rees, E GThe topology of algebraic varieties
Rogers, C ASet valued maps
Steiner, REquivalences between topology and algebra
Thompson, E AMathematical characterisation of genealogical relationships