Sixtieth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at York: 25 - 28 March 2008     

The enrolment was about 230.    The chairman was C Wood and the secretary was V W D Hale.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 2008

Scientific Committee Meeting: March 2008

Scientific Committee Meeting: September 2008

Advice on organising a BMC

Report on BMC 2008

The plenary speakers were:

Joseph, TQuantum groups: introducing q into Lie theory.
Montgomery, H LForty years ago in Cambridge
Smirnov, SConformal invariance of lattice models.
Venkatesh, ADynamics and the geometry of numbers.

The morning speakers were:

Cox, ADiagram algebras and Lie theory.
Cremona, JReduction of binary forms over imaginary quadratic fields.
Dorey, PSpectral problems and the Bethe Ansatz.
Goodwin, SHighest weight theory for finite W -algebras.
Hurley, T CAlgebras and communications.
Sherratt. JPeriodic travelling waves in field vole populations.
Smith, IHunting Lagrangian submanifolds.
Snaith, NRecent applications of random matrix theory to number theory.
Tribe, RSome stochastic reaction diffusion models
Vivaldi, FThe dynamics of piecewise isometries.
Weiss, MMumford conjecture, Pontryagin-Thom construction and sheaf theoretic methods.
Wright, JDiscrete analogues in harmonic analysis.

Other lectures 
Budd, CConfessions of an industrial mathematician
Robertson, E FThe Edinburgh Mathematical Society: the first 50 years (1883 - 1933)

Special session: Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis  Organisers: C Wood, and J Wood
Bugeaud, YOn the decimal expansion of an algebraic number
Conrey, B42
Wooley, TWaring's problem in function fields.

Special session: Number Theory  Organisers: J Levesley, and G Harman
Hélein, FCovariant Hamiltonian description of relativistic fields and the construction of observable quantities
Karigiannis, SG2 manifolds with isolated conical singularities.
Micallef, MHarmonic maps between complete, noncompact negatively curved manifolds.

Special session: Stochastic PDEs and Stochastic Analysis  Organisers: Z Brzezniak, and D Elworthy
Romito, MSome recent results concerning the 3D Navier-Stokes equations driven by a random force.
Thalmeier, ABrownian motion of Jordan curves and stochastic calculus on the diffeomorphism group of the circle
Truman, AOn the Divine Clockwork and stochastic mechanics.