Sixty first British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Galway: 6 - 9 April 2009      The partner for this BMC was the IMS

The enrolment was 206.    The chairman was T Hurley and the secretary was J J Ward.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

LMS meeting February 2009

General Meeting Minutes for 2009

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: April 2009

Scientific Committee Meeting: September 2009

Report on BMC 2009

The plenary speakers were:

Eisenbud, EPlato's Cave: What we still don't know about linear projections in Algebraic Geometry
Graham, RThe combinatorics of solving linear equations
Green, BApproximate structure in additive combinatorics
Grigorchuk, RHanoi Tower game and self-similar groups
Kirwan, FQuotients of algebraic varieties by group actions

The morning speakers were:

Berndt, JFoliations and cohomogeneity one actions
Carbery, TTube-nullity and Fourier Analysis: results and open problems
Kilian, MFlows of constant mean curvature surfaces
Leary, IAn infinite Smith group
Mathieu, MOn some non-commutative Banach-Stone theorems
O'Brien, ÉTowards effective algorithms for linear groups
Olsen, LMultifractals, Baire category and prevalence
Osinga, HThe Lorenz manifold: from mathematics to steel
Twarock, RApplications of Group Theory in Virology: Affine extensions of noncrystallographic groups predicting virus architecture
Welsh, DThe Random Planar Graph

Other lectures 
Gow, RFrom George Salmon and 27 lines to octonions, E6 and beyond
Laffey, TThe Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem
Körner, TMathematics and Smallpox

Special session: Analysis 
Csörnyei, MDifferentiability of Lipschitz functions and other problems in geometric measure theory
Gardiner, SHarmonic functions outside a cylinder
R HaydonOn the scalar-plus-compact problem
Todorov, IStable isomorphism of dual operator spaces

Special session: Computational Algebra 
A CohenConstructions of curves with given groups of automorphisms
D FlanneryOn deciding finiteness of matrix groups
Eick, BIsomorphism testing for algebras (Lie or associative)
G MalleComputing in Hecke algebras
G McGuireSome computational algebra in cryptography
S GalbraithElliptic curves and public key cryptography

Special session: Mathematical Education 
Bass, HMathematics Education research: What's in it for the Mathematicians?
Cleary, JMathematical Literacy and Self-efficacy of First Year Third Level Students
MacanBhaird, CThe Impact of Mathematics Support on Students' Grades and their Attitudes towards Mathematics
Mestel, BTeaching mathematics with online tutorials
Pfeiffer, KHow Do First Year Mathematics Students Validate Mathematical Arguments?