Sixty third British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Leicester: 18 - 21 April 2011     

The enrolment was 230.    The chairman was J R Hunton and the secretary was A D Clark.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 2011

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: April 2011

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: October 2011

Report on the 2011 Leicester BMC

The plenary speakers were:

Gowers, TPolymath and the density Hales-Jewett theorem
Lindenstrauss, EFrom multiplying by 2 and 3 to quantum unique ergodicity
Pedit, FAdvances in surface geometry: theory and experiment
Rouquier, RHigher Representation Theory
Vogtmann, KThe topology and geometry of automorphism groups of free groups

The morning speakers were:

Greenlees, JHomotopy invariant commutative algebra: rings, groups and spaces
Hurder, SInvitation to Matchbox Manifolds
Hyland, MWhat is a linear theory?
Jacob, NMetric Spaces Isometric to Hilbert Spaces, Metric Measure Spaces, and the Transition Densities of Levy Processes
Joyce, DDerived differential geometry
Kim, MHomotopy theory and Diophantine geometry
Rietsch, KOn mirror symmetry for Grassmannians
Roney-Dougal, CGeneration of finite groups
Shank, JModular Invariant Theory
Sidorova, NLocalisation and ageing in the Parabolic Anderson model
Ward, TGroup automorphisms from a dynamical point of view

Public lectures 
Harman, DPresentation and Discussion on Mathematics and the EPSRC
Penrose, RSeeing Through the Big Bang into Another World: an Exercise in Conformal Geometry

Special session: Algebraic Topology  Organizers: A Baker, A Lazarev
Barnes, BMonoidality of Exotic Models for Localised Spectra
Giansiracusa, GThe geometry of the Miller-Morita-Mumford characteristic classes of surface bundles
Lambrechts, L
Pridham, Pn-types, higher Lie groupoids and higher stacks
Roendigs, RHermitian K-theory and algebraic K-theory
Schlichtkrull, SApplications of diagram spaces
Vishik, VSymmetric operations in Algebraic Cobordism

Special session: Differential Geometry  Organizers: M Haskins, K Leschke
Calderbank, CAmbitoric structures: from general relativity to Kahler geometry
Donaldson, DKahler metrics with cone singularities along a divisor
Hein, HImperial College An update on gravitational instantons
Hitchin, HHolomorphic Poisson manifolds and their deformations
Veselov, VUniversal flat connections and stable rational curves

Special session: Dynamical Systems  Organizers: A Clark, S Hurder
Bruin, BMonotonicity of topological entropy in polynomial families
Jordan, JUniversity of Bristol Multifractal analysis for Birkhoff averages for countable Markov maps
Sharp, SUniversity of Manchester Spectral triples and Gibbs measures on Cantor sets
Urbanski, UUniversity of North Texas Regularity properties of Hausdorff dimension

Special session: Harmonic and Geometric Analysis  Organizers: J Bennett, N Bez
Barthe, BSpectral gaps and symmetries
Maleva, MUniversal differentiability sets and geometric measure theory
Sisask, SArithmetic progressions and L^p -almost-periodicity via random sampling
Wright, WProblems related to averages and lacunary maximal functions

Special session: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry  Organizers: M Kim, F Neumann
Elkin, EEkedahl-Oort strata of Artin-Schreier curves in characteristic 2
Gangl, GHarmonic polylogarithms and tensor calculu
Noohi, NGalois cohomology of crossed-modules and cohomology of reductive groups
Ramero, RCohomological epsilon factors and p-adic analytic geometry
Yafaev, YThe Andre-Oort Conjecture

Special session: Representation Theory  Organizers: J Chuang, N Snashall
Erdmann, EBlock components of the Lie module for the symmetric group
Jorgensen, JPtolemy diagrams and torsion pairs in cluster categories of Dunkin type A
Meng, MTan Lie powers and Lie modules
Paget, PFoulkes modules for symmetric groups
Turner, TThe Weyl extension algebra for GL
Williamson, WCoxeter groups, Soergel bimodules and higher representation theory