Sixty sixth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at QMUL: 7 - 10 April 2014     

The enrolment was 310.    The chairman was I Tomašić and the secretary was B Noohi.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 2014

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: April 2014

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: September 2014

Report on the 2014 BMC

The plenary speakers were:

Atiyah, MThe impact of physics on mathematics, past, present and future
Guralnick, RStrongly Dense Subgroups of Algebraic Groups
Ngô Bào ChâuArithmetic of certain integrable system
Diaconis, PThe Magic of Martin Gardner
Szemerédi, EOn subset sums
Villani, CFrom planets to stars to fluids.
Voisin, CPoints, zero cycles, and rationality questions
Zagier, DFrom finite groups to modular forms

The morning speakers were:

Austin, TPartial difference equations over compact Abelian groups
Bachoc, CConvex optimization, Fourier analysis and extremal problems in Euclidean geometry
Borovik, ABlack box algebra
Bridson, MCapturing infinite groups by their finite quotients
Gee, TThe p-adic Langlands program
Helfgott, HThe ternary Goldbach conjecture
Köhn, KHamilton decompositions of graphs and digraphs
Markovic, VThe Surface Subgroup Problem
Ulcigrai, CPolygonal billiards, flows on surfaces and Teichmueller dynamics
Yafaev, AThe Andre-Oort conjecture and o-minimality

Google lecture 
Granström, JContent ID Mathematics

Workshop: Combinatorics (Organiser: M. Walters QMUL)  

Workshop: Geometry (Organiser: O. Jenkinson QMUL) 

Workshop: Group Theory (Organisers: J. Bray QMUL N. Nikolov Oxford) 

Workshop: Number Theory (Organiser: S. Zerbes UCL)