Sixty seventh British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Cambridge: 30 March - 2 April 2015      The partner for this BMC was the BAMC

The enrolment was 580.    The chairman was R D Camina and the secretary was T A Fisher.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 2015

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: April 2015

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: September 2015

Report on the 2015 BMC

The plenary speakers were:

Werner, WRandom phenomena within fractal carpets
Kronheimer, PExistence theorems in low-dimensional topology
Serfaty, SCrystallization questions for systems with Coulomb and Riesz interactions
Calderbank, RThe Art of Measurement
Wiles, AOn the arithmetic of ideal class groups
Osher, SThe impact of L1 optimization in Nonlinear PDE

The morning speakers were:

Rumynin, D2-Characters
Kurylev, YInverse problems in general relativity
Thomas, RNodal curves, old and new
Riordan, OCounting connected hypergraphs via the probabilistic method
Tian, YCongruent numbers with many prime factors
Tillmann, UHomotopy theory for geometric groups
Constantin, AParticle Trajectories Beneath Irrotational Travelling Water Waves
Bayer, APositivity in algebraic geometry via the derived category
Nucinkis, BCohomological finiteness conditions for generalisations of Richard Thompson groups
O''Connell, NFrom longest increasing subsequences to Whittaker functions and random polymers
Browning, TRational curves on varieties over finite fields via analytic number theory
Dzamonja, MCurrent challenges in foundations of mathematics, logic

Workshop: Algebraic Geometry 
Lopes , M MConstraints on the invariants of irregular surfaces
Karmazyn, JRealising moduli spaces from derived equivalences
Hering, MToric vector bundles
Reid, MThe G-Hilbert scheme for trihedral groups

Workshop: Applied Analysis 
Dalla Riva, MExistence results for a nonlinear transmission problem
Cherniha, RSymmetries and Exact Solutions of Boundary Value Problems
Fresneda-Portillo, CA New Family of Boundary Domain Integral Equations
van Gennip, YPDE techniques for graph problems
Seco, DCyclic polynomials in two variables
Tkocz, TTensor products of random unitary matrices

Workshop: Category Theory 
Leinster, TThe reflexive completion
von Glehn, TConstructing models of dependent type theory
Corner, ALax monoidal model structures
Vickers, SCoherence for Geometricity

Workshop: Combinatorics 
Fountoulakis, NA phase transition on the evolution of bootstrap percolation processes
Warnke, LThe phase transition in Achlioptas processes
Montgomery, RSpanning Trees in Random Graphs
Wolf, JRamsey multiplicity of patterns in abelian groups
Talbot,JMantel's theorem, analogues and extensions
Böttcher, JBlow-Up Lemmas
Narayanan, BCoalescence on the real line
Ellis, DThe structure of graphs which are locally indistinguishable from a lattice

Workshop: Geometry 
Besson,GClassification of decomposable open 3-manifolds
Wang, LGeometry of Two-dimensional Self-shrinkers
Rupflin,MTeichmüller harmonic map flow
Berman, RA cousin of the Calabi flow and Stochastic Quantization

Workshop: History of mathematics 
Cretney, RJ.H. Lambert on the mathematics of map-making
Harper,JWhat is a continuous function?
Hollings, CLanguage use in Soviet mathematics journals
McCartney, MThe Cambridge Poems of James Clerk Maxwell
Barrow-Green, JOlaus Henrici and mathematical models
Heard, JThe Early History of The London Mathematical Society
Bradford, JPresenting histories of mathematical practice at the Science Museum

Workshop: Probability 
Crane, ERandom trees, forest fires and explosions
Labbe, CSingular stochastic PDEs on unbounded domains
Sousi, PMixing, hitting and intersection times for Markov chains
Holroyd, AFinitely dependent colouring
Susa-Quintero, CQuantum systems are more complex than classical ones