Seventieth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at St Andrews: 11-14 June 2018     

The enrolment was 172.    Organisers were K Falconer, M Todd and M Quick .

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 2018

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: July 2018

Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes: September 2018

Report on the 2018 BMC

The plenary speakers were:

DeMarco, LComplex dynamics and arithmetic equidistribution
Dinur, IUnique games is 1/2-hard
Hairer, MBridging Scales
Joshi, NSymmetry through Geometry
Seymour, PProgress on some induced subgraph conjectures
Viana, MProducts of random matrices

The morning speakers were:

Bennett, JInduction on scales
Cocks, CThe Discovery of Public Key Cryptography
Conlon, DHow to build a hypergraph expander
Eaton, CClassifying blocks of finite groups
Fellows, MThe Multivariate Revolution in Algorithmics
Gould, VBiordered sets of idempotents
Krieger, HUnlikely intersections in complex dynamics
Mazzocco, MThe geometry behind the q-Askey scheme
Morris, ITowards the construction of high-dimensional measures on self-affine sets
Kral, DAnalytic representations of large discrete structures
Smith, SInfinite permutation groups
Weber, HThe stochastic quantisation equation - scaling limits, meta-stability and the role of infinity

Public lecture 
Wolf, JUsing randomness to find structure

Algebra workshop (Organiser B Martin) 
Brown, GFlops and Calabi-Yau potential
Burness, TThe length and depth of a group
Ciobanu, LConjugacy growth in groups
De Visscher, MKronecker coefficients and partition algebras
East, JCongruences on diagram monoids
Everitt, B(Co)homology of arrangements
Grazian, VThe classification of simple fusion systems
Johnson, MTwo-letter identities of the bicyclic monoid

Analysis and Probability workshop (Organiser H Oh and J Wright) 
Carbery, TA multilinear Maurey factorisation theorem
Forlano, JAlmost sure global well-posedness for the BBM equation with infinite L2 initial data
Gerencsér, MQuasilinear singular SPDEs within regularity structures
Li, XConservation law, stochastic averaging, and intrinsic geometry
Oliveira e Silva, DSharp Strichartz inequalities for fractional and higher order Schršdinger equations
Pocovnicu, OLong time regularity of the 2D Euler-Poisson system for electrons with vorticity
Sohinger, VGibbs measures of nonlinear Schrödinger equations as limits of many-body quantum states in dimension d ≤ 3
Tsatsoulis, POn the long time behavior of the dynamic φ24

Combinatorics workshop (Organiser S Kitaev) 
Enright, JChanging times in temporal graphs to limit disease spread
Jung, J-HOriented Riordan graphs
Meeks, KExploiting structure in multi-layer networks: a case study on motif counting
Shur, ASubword complexity and power avoidance
Smith, JThe Poset of Graphs
Staden, KStability via symmetrisation
L.B. Yang, A L BCompatibility of generalized Eulerian polynomials
Zamaraev, VOn the factorial classes of bipartite graphs

Dynamics workshop (Organiser J Fraser) 
Azzam, JWasserstein distance and rectifiability of measures
Baker, SDigit frequencies and expansions in non-integer bases
Bochi, JOptimization of Lyapunov exponents
Jurga, NA dimension gap for Bernoulli measures for the Gauss map
Kempton, TOn the Hausdorff dimension of Bernoulli convolutions
Rippon, PSlow escaping points of transcendental entire functions
Robinson, JMinimal periods in Lipschitz ODEs
Stallard, GFast escaping points of transcendental entire functions

History of Mathematics workshop (Organiser I Falconer) 
Bailey, RLatin squares: Some history, with an emphasis on their use in designed experiments.
Mann, TMathematics instructors at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Martin, UThe rise of modern patronage, the social, and the impact of mathematics
Moktefi, APlaying by the rules: Venn versus Carroll
Robertson, E FMary Everest Boole: the first mathematical psychologist
Stenhouse, BEmbracing Nature in Formulae: The Hidden Mathematics of Mary Somerville
Tracey, KCalculating Value: Reading the Scribal Technologies of Early Modern Mathematics
Wess, JMaths and Maps: A comparison of Mathematical Theory and Cartographic Practice