Seventy-first British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Lancaster: 8-11 April 2019     

    Organisers were Jan Grabowski, Tony Nixon .

The plenary speakers were:

Broué, MStories about spetses
Guionnet, AEntropy in Random Matrix Theory
Hess, K
Kalai, GNoise stability, noise sensitivity and the argument against quantum computers
Monod, NGeometry without spaces: a hyperbolic parable
Pach, JThe blessing of low dimensionality

The morning speakers were:

Martínez-Pérez, C On the proper geometric dimension of groups
Wemyss, M 3-fold flops, spheres and invariants
Pech, CGeometry of rational curves on some varieties with a Lie group action
Koszmider, P Indecomposable Banach spaces from rigid compact spaces
Capitaine, M Outliers for polynomial matrix models and free probability theory
Steingrimsson, E Permutation tableaux and two models in statistical mechanics
Arzhantseva , GLarge girth expander Cayley graphs
Stripp, C Changes to school mathematics at GCSE and A level and what this means for universities
Crisan, C Educating (not training) GTAs through challenging views about learning and doing mathematics

Algebra workshop 
Eaton, C
Gregory, L
Henke, E
Mattarei, S
Pauksztello, D
Petrosyan, N
Webster, I

Geometry workshop 
N. Broomhead, N
Ducat, T
Kaloghiros, A-S
Logares, M
Nabijou, N
Rizzardo, A
Segal, E

Analysis workshop 
Bannon, J
Fischer, V
Khukhro, A
Li, X
Martini, A
Seifert, D
Whittaker, M

Probability workshop 
Franz, U
Hughes, C
Kula, A
Sohinger, V

Combinatorics workshop 
Clinch, K
Grace, K
Huynh, T
Kupavskii, A
Sharifzadeh, M
Stevens, S
Theran, L

Mathematics Education workshop 
Dunning, C
Gardiner, T
Houston, K
McCoy, E
Rowlett, P
Sangwin, C