Memorandum between the Scientific Committee of the BMC and the LMS

The LMS is independent of the BMC. However the LMS wishes to offer its general support to the BMC, and endorses its wish to organise annual meetings for the community of UK Pure Mathematicians. In pursuance of this, the LMS agrees to the following arrangements.

  1. The LMS invites the Chairman of each individual BMC to make an application for financial support of that particular BMC. In general, the LMS expects that its financial support will be used to cover the costs of invited speakers from outside the UK and to subsidise the costs of UK-based graduate students who attend the BMC.

  2. The LMS will consider an application for each BMC up to three years in advance. A decision will be made on the basis of the mathematical quality and organisational effectiveness of the particular BMC. The LMS reserves the right to make a reduced award, or no award, to any BMC. The award of a grant to a BMC will be dependent on the availability of LMS funds.

  3. After each BMC the LMS will seek a report from the BMC Programme Committee or the specific BMC Organising Committee on the use of its award, and the way it has contributed to the BMC as a whole.

  4. The LMS will view sympathetically applications for financial support of meetings that are organised as satellite meetings of the BMC, on the understanding that these meetings must satisfy normal conditions for the award of LMS support. The LMS will discourage the holding of meetings on subjects similar to those covered at a BMC at times that overlap with those of a BMC.

  5. The Scientific Committee of the BMC has a second meeting each year, usually in September/October and usually in De Morgan House, London. The LMS agrees to make facilities for this meeting available at De Morgan House, and to finance this meeting at the same level as meetings of the committees of the LMS. The LMS will retain the records of the BMC and meetings of the committees of the BMC, to provide an archive of the history of the BMC. The Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the BMC and the Chairman/Secretary of individual meetings of the BMC are asked to send appropriate materials to the LMS Archivist.

19 March 2003