Scientific Committee Meeting Minutes for April 2014

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 10th April 2014, QMUL

Present: Charles Goldie (Chair), David Jordan (Chair-elect), John Hunton (LMS rep), Sarah Rees (LMS rep), Elizabeth Fisher (LMS), Ivan Tomasic (QMUL), Behrang Noohi (QMUL), Rachel Camina (Cambridge), Tom Fisher (Cambridge), Andrew Lobb (Durham), Alexander Stasinski (Durham).

Apologies: Phil Rippon (LMS rep), Tom Leinster (EdMS rep), Stuart White (EdMS rep), Lynne Walling (Bristol), Tim Dokchitser (Bristol), Richard Pinch (AGM delegate).

The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 10th Sep 2014 at the LMS, were approved.

CG commented that the QMUL BMC had been 'absolutely fantastic' with 'starry speakers', and the committee agreed. It was noted that the coffee and lunch breaks had been particularly sociable. Also, that the system of delegates finding their own accommodation, with advice from the organisers, had worked well. Logistics were discussed as were the alternative funding streams.

TF outlined the current confirmed list of speakers for the BMC/BAMC 2015 and plans for celebrating the 150th anniversary of the LMS. CG recalled the tradition that there should be a morning speaker from the institution to host the BMC the following year, in this case Bristol. RC noted that it was probable participants of the meeting would have to register separately for the public lecture. The different traditions of the BMC and BAMC were commented on, in particular that BAMC participants expect to be able to submit an abstract and request to give a talk, so this was likely to be an option for all participants of the joint meeting. Sourcing funds for a poster prize was mentioned.

The Bristol representatives were not present but had sent a list of speakers they intended to invite. It was noted that one person on the list had already rejected invitations from both
QMUL and Cambridge.

The committee were delighted that the BMC had been invited to Durham University in 2017. It was commented that Durham has much experience of organising conferences.

It was agreed that the current Chair and his successor should re-open discussion with St. Andrews about the possibility of holding the BMC in 2018.

It was commented that dates of other British meetings (such as the YRM and the BCTCS) should be continually monitored so that clashes did not occur.

David Jordan was congratulated on becoming Chair-elect at the BMC AGM.

On behalf of the committee DJ warmly thanked Charles Goldie for all his work on the committee over the past 8 years.

Rachel Camina, 11/04/2014