Further memo from Woodall to BMC committee

Members of the 1988 BMC Committee
President, Secretary and Treasurer, London Mathematical Society
President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past Treasurer, Edinburgh Mathematical Society
Drs J D P Meldrum and R J Steiner (for Edinburgh Mathematical Society)
Heads of Department at East Anglia (BMC 1990), Bath (1991), Strathclyde (1992), Reading (1993)

Dr D R Woodall, BMC Treasurer 1989 Department of Mathematics, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD

Subject: Organization of future BMCs

Date: 1989 March 16

The above question will be discussed at a meeting of those members of the 1988 BMC Committee who are present at the 1989 BMC, together with any other recipients of this letter who care to turn up, at 8.30 pm on Tuesday 4th April in the Library of Hugh Stewart Hall, Nottingham University.

It appears that neither the LMS nor the EMS are very happy with the proposals in my circular of November 14th. I had a phone call from Christopher Mulvey (the LMS Secretary) in early December to say that the LMS had some ideas of their own that they would like to discuss with the EMS, and I agreed to take no further action until I heard from him again. I now gather that the LMS do not in fact have any proposals for change, but believe that the present set-up is broadly satisfactory. The EMS seem to be neutral, believing that the matter is basically one for the BMC to decide, although they would naturally like to be kept informed.

In view of this, I have watered down my proposals slightly, and I enclose a summary (available at THIS LINK). I intend to include this summary in the information handed out to delegates on arrival at this year's BMC.

If proposals along these lines are approved, it will be necessary to find people willing to act as Secretary and Treasurer of the BMC Committee. I should be grateful if you would give some thought to this, and let me have any suggestions. I hasten to say that I am not a candidate!