Gilbert Leslie Frewin

Born: 6 September 1902 in Glasgow, Scotland
Died: 1999 in Leicester, England

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G Leslie Frewin's father was James Gilbert Frewin. Leslie was born in Glasgow but his family had moved to Portobello, near Edinburgh, before he entered George Watson's Boy's College, Edinburgh, in 1908 just before he was six years old. He studied for twelve years at the school obtaining passes in the Scottish Higher Leaving Certificate examinations in Latin, French, English, Mathematics, Analytical Geometry, and Geometry of Conics. He passed the Preliminary Examination for Edinburgh University in October 1920 and matriculated to begin his studies in session 1920-21. At his first matriculation he gave his home address as 52 Duddingston Park, Portobello, and his religious denomination as Wesleyan Methodist.

In his first session Frewin studied Second Ordinary Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Latin. In his next session, 1921-22, he took Honours courses in Intermediate Mathematics, Intermediate Natural Philosophy, Experimental physics, Heat, Electricity, and Applied Mathematics. After taking Honours courses in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy he gradeuated with an M.A. with First class Honours in his honours subjects in July 1923. He was awarded the Sir David Baxter Scholarship in Mathematics, also in July 1923. It is worth noting that Frewin was in the same class at university as W V D Hodge.

Frewin joined the Edinburgh Mathematical Society in December 1923, immediately following his graduation. At the meeting of the Society on Monday 10 December 1923 the paper The Numerical Evaluation of Double Integrals, by Mr A C Aitken and Mr G L Frewin was read. The paper was published as A C Aitken and G L Frewin, The Numerical Evaluation of Double Integrals, Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. 42 (1923). Frewin the went to New College, Oxford where he undertook further study and returned to Edinburgh in 1925 when appointed to George Watson's College, Edinburgh.

After teaching for ten years at George Watson's College, Frewin moved to Inverness. He married Ethel Gillespie and in June 1936 a son was born. The announcement of the birth read:
13 June 1936 at Inverness, on 10 June 1936 to Ethel (née Gillespie) wife of G Leslie Frewin a son.

Article by: J J O'Connor and E F Robertson

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