Ellice Martin Horsburgh

Born: 1870 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Died: 28 December 1935 in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Ellice Horsburgh's parents were the Reverend Andrew Horsburgh and Ellen Sarah Vost. He was educated at the Collegiate School, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, then spent time in Australia before entering the University of Edinburgh. He was awarded an M.A. and B.Sc. in Engineering in 1897, and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in 1899. He was appointed as a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Leith Technical College before being appointed a Lecturer in Technical Mathematics at Edinburgh University in 1903. He was promoted to Reader in 1920.

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 7 March 1904 having been proposed by George Chrystal, Charles Tweedie, Sir Thomas Hudson Beare, Cargill Gilston Knott. He married Helen Howden Ferme in 1920.

Horsburgh was an active member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. An abituary, written by E T Whittaker, was published in the Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society at THIS LINK.

Article by: J J O'Connor and E F Robertson

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Honours awarded to Ellice Horsburgh
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1. Lecturer at the EMS 
2. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  Elected 1904
3. EMS Treasurer 1915-1927
4. EMS Honorary Fellow 1935

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