Dov Jarden

Born: 17 January 1911 in Motele, Russian Empire, now Motal, Belarus
Died: 29 September 1986 in Jerusalem, Israel

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Dov Jarden's parents were Chaim Chalavne Yuzhuk, a shopkeeper in Motele, and Leah Bayer, the daughter of Moshe-Eliezer Cohen and Gittel Bayer.

It is as a Hebrew linguist that Dov Jarden is best known today, but he wrote a number of papers on number theory and, what was almost certainly his greatest contribution to mathematics, he founded the mathematics journal Riveon.

Dov Jarden's son Moshe Jarden has written a fascinating biography of his father specially for this archive, so we wish to give no further details here about Dov Jarden but simply redirect the reader to the appropriate page.

For Moshe Jarden's biography of his father Dov Jarden, see THIS LINK.

Article by: J J O'Connor and E F Robertson

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