David Jackson Tweedie

Born: 17 October 1870 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Died: 25 August 1926 in Stichill, Roxburgh, Scotland

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David J Tweedie was one of several members of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society with the name of Tweedie. There is, rather confusingly, also a David Tweedie who was a member at much the same time.

David Tweedie's father was David Tweedie (born in Cleish, Kinrossshire about 1847) who was a colliery clerk and book keeper. His mother was Jemima Tweedie (born in Perth, Perthshire about 1845). He had several younger siblings, Marjory (born about 1875 who was a Pupil Teacher in 1891), Alice (born about 1877), James (born 1881) and John (born about 1885).

Tweedie obtained passes at Higher level in Latin, Greek, and Mathematics. After having passed the Preliminary Examination he first matriculated at the University of Edinburgh in October 1889. He seems to have set out on a course studying classics for he took courses in English, Latin and Greek during his first three years of university study. However in 1892 he began to take courses in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Chemistry. He graduated with an M.A. in 1895 but there is no record of him taking Honours courses so it appears that he graduated with a broad Ordinary degree.

Tweedie married Jeanie (Jessie) Fleming Allison on 13 April 1879 and they had children: Jean (Ena) (1898-1963) and David (1901-1987).

In January 1897 Tweedie joined the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. At this time he was teaching at George Heriot's Hospital School in Edinburgh. In the following year he was appointed as Headmaster, Public School, Kilconquhar, Fife. The move from Edinburgh seems to have made Tweedie decide that his membership of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society was not now useful, and he left the Society in the following year.

Article by: J J O'Connor and E F Robertson

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