Mathematicians born near London
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Abbott (at Marylebone), Frank Adams (at Woolwich), Aldrich (at Westminster), Graham Allan (at Southgate), Atiyah, Atkinson (at Pinner), Atwood (at Westminster), Babbage, Alan Baker, Ball (at Hampstead), Barrow, Bartlett (at Chiswick), Basset, Bath (at Islington), Bayes, Beale, Bennett, Bernays, Bevan-Baker (at Canonbury), Bonsall (at Crouch End), Box (at Gravesend), Burnside (at Paddington), Childs, Chowla, Joan Clarke, Cowling (at Hackney), Coxeter, Cunningham (at Hackney), Paul Davies, Dee, Delamain, Dingle, Eperson (at Gunnersbury), Etherington (at Lewisham), Evelyn, Faraday (at Newington Butts), Fisher, Flett, Fox, Gellibrand (at Aldersgate), Gompertz, Good, Goodstein, Greenhill (at Twickenham), Hadley, Hall (at Hampstead), Halley (at Shoreditch), Hamill, Heaviside (at Camden Town), Hilton, Jeffery, Barry Johnson (at Woolwich), Kempe, Kuttner, Lidstone, Dudley Littlewood, Lovelace, Maseres, Maskelyne, Mathews (at Canonbury), McDuff, Merrifield (at Southwark), Milne-Thomson (at Ealing), Moiseiwitsch (at Romford), Newman, Northcott, Offord, Katherine Okikiolu, Pearson, Egon Pearson (at Hampstead), Pedoe, Piaggio, Pratt, Raphson (at Pinner), Rennie, Archibald Richardson, Richmond (at Tottenham), Room, Roth (at Edmonton), Routledge, Sleeman, Soueif, Spottiswoode, Sprague, Steggall, Swain (at Hampstead), Sylvester, Taylor (at Edmonton), Geoffrey Taylor (at St John's Wood), Temple, Tims, Robert Tucker (at Walworth), Turing, Turner, Verblunsky (at Whitechapel), John Walker (at Kennington), Henry Watson, Weldon (at Highgate), Whish (at Marylebone), Bertram Wilson, Wood, Thomas Wren (at Islington), Young

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Its latitude and longitude are 51°30'N 0°7'W.

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List of mathematicians born in England

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