Mathematicians born near New York City, New York
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Aiken (at Hoboken, New Jersey), Appel, Maurice Auslander (at Brooklyn), Louis Auslander (at Brooklyn), Bellman, Birman, Blum, Brink (at Newark, New Jersey), William Browder, Chernoff, Davis, Éamon de Valera, Diaconis, Douglas, Eisenbud, Feynman, Fiske, Foster, Franklin, Gale, Halsted (at Newark, New Jersey), Harary, Hellman, Hill, Hille, Hopper, Isaacs, Kadison, Kasner, Keen, Kline, Knorr (at Richmond Hill), Kolchin, Kramer, Joseph Kruskal, Martin Kruskal, William Kruskal, Lorch, Martin (at Steuben County), Emilie Martin (at Elizabeth, New Jersey), Barry Mazur, Mendelsohn (at Brooklyn), Milnor (at Orange, New Jersey), Olive, Ornstein, Orshansky (at the Bronx), Orszag, Quillen (at Orange, New Jersey), Reiner (at Brooklyn), Ritt, Schattschneider, Scheffé, Jacob T Schwartz, Schwinger, Segal (at the Bronx), Shields, Smullyan (at Far Rockaway, Long Island), Solitar (at Brooklyn), Stone, Whitney, Zippin

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Its latitude and longitude are 40°43'N 74°0'W.

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