10th November

Mathematicians who were born or died on 10th November

Mathematicians born on this day:

1829 : Elwin Christoffel
1891 : James Cassels
1896 : Heinz Prüfer
1899 : Tomás Rodríguez Bachiller
1926 : Zdzisław Pawlak

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1683 : John Collins
1931 : Charlotte Angas Scott
1970 : Heinz Rutishauser
1988 : Otto Haupt
1998 : Jean Leray
2008 : Kiyosi Ito

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Elwin Christoffel Charlotte Angas Scott Jean Leray

A quotation for today

Charlotte Angas Scott (1858 - 1931)

But just because geometry is so eminently fitted for the youthful mind it should be at first presented in such form as to be in accord with the general views of laymen, when these are not in direct opposition to the truth.

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