Mathematicians who were born or died on 14th January

Mathematicians born on this day:

1819 : James Cockle
1887 : Hugo Steinhaus
1901 : Alfred Tarski
1924 : Linards Reizins
1939 : Fatma Moalla

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1679 : Jacques de Billy
1687 : Nicolaus Mercator
1742 : Edmond Halley
1753 : George Berkeley
1814 : Charles Bossut
1898 : Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
1901 : Charles Hermite
1905 : Ernst Abbe
1912 : Arnold Droz-Farny
1914 : Benjamin Osgood Peirce
1931 : William Johnson
1970 : William Feller
1978 : Kurt Gödel
2000 : Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III

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Alfred Tarski Charles Dodgson Kurt Gödel

A quotation for today

DodgsonCharles Dodgson (1832 - 1898)

"It's very good jam," said the Queen.
"Well, I don't want any to-day, at any rate."
"You couldn't have it if you did want it," the Queen said. "The rule is jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam to-day."
"It must come sometimes to 'jam to-day',"Alice objected.
"No it can't," said the Queen. "It's jam every other day; to-day isn't any other day, you know."
"I don't understand you," said Alice. "It's dreadfully confusing."

Through the Looking Glass.

Another quotation by one of today's mathematicians.

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