Mathematicians who were born or died on 30th March

Mathematicians born on this day:

1862 : Leonard Rogers
1886 : Stanisław Leśniewski
1892 : Stefan Banach
1910 : Józef Marcinkiewicz
1921 : Alfréd Rényi
1929 : Ilya Iosifovich Piatetski-Shapiro
1958 : Hajer Bahouri

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1559 : Adam Ries
1930 : Raymond Butchart
1944 : Charles Boys
1995 : John Synge
2000 : George Batchelor
2007 : Moshe Livsic

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Stefan Banach Adam Ries Leonard James Rogers

A quotation for today

BanachStefan Banach (1892 - 1945)

A mathematician is a person who can find analogies between theorems; a better mathematician is one who can see analogies between proofs and the best mathematician can notice analogies between theories. One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies.

Another quotation by one of today's mathematicians.

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