Mathematicians who were born or died on 20th April

Mathematicians born on this day:

1814 : Fernando Pio Rosellini
1839 : Francesco Siacci
1865 : David Tweedie
1878 : Edward Kasner
1898 : Edwin Olds
1910 : Ernst Mohr
1930 : Anatolii Asirovich Goldberg

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1344 : Levi ben Gerson
1932 : Giuseppe Peano
1942 : Ludwig Berwald
1957 : Konrad Knopp
1994 : Naum Il'ich Feldman
2001 : David Gilbarg
2006 : Kathleen McNulty Antonelli
2006 : Paul Cohn

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Giuseppe Peano Konrad Knopp Edward Kasner

A quotation for today

PeanoGiuseppe Peano (1858 - 1932)

Questions that pertain to the foundations of mathematics, although treated by many in recent times, still lack a satisfactory solution. The difficulty has its main source in the ambiguity of language.

Opening of the paper Arithmetices principia in which he introduced axioms for the integers.

Another quotation by one of today's mathematicians.

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