Malvern, Hereford and Worcester

This is the site of the Royal Radar Establishment. (Actually this is an area of some five places with Malvern in the name, the largest of which is Great Malvern.) It was originally evacuated to Malvern School from Swanage due to fear of a German attack in April 1942 and remained in the school until 1946. Cockroft and Ryle worked here. During the war, the Telecommunications Research Establishment was here - F.C. Williams, Tom Kilburn (from 1942) and Tootill worked here in the school's cricket pavilion. Williams began working on a computer design here in July 1946, realising the lack of a storage device and starting the investigation of cathode ray tubes, before he was went to Manchester as professor of electronics in Dec 1946. He invited Kilburn to come to Manchester.

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