Marlow, Buckinghamshire

(Great) Marlow was the site of the Royal Military College before it moved to Sandhurst (qv) in 1812. The College was founded in 1779 and was at High Wycombe for a time [Page].

In the early 19th Century, Thomas Leybourn, William Wallace (from 1803 until moving to Edinburgh in 1819) and James Ivory (from 1804 until retiring in 1816) were here. Leybourn's Mathematical Repository was produced here by the staff. Wallace produced the article Fluxions for Brewster's Edinburgh Encyclopedia in 1815, which, despite its title, was the first complete account of the calculus in differential notation in English -186 pages of small print. Ivory retired due to ill-health, but it seems to have been as much mental as physical. [Craik]

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