Martham, Norfolk

In the church is the extraordinary epitaph:
Here Lyeth
The Body of Christ.
Burraway, who departed
this life ye
18 day
of October, Anno Domini
59 years
And their Lyes
Alice, who by hir Life
was my Sister, my Mistress,
My Mother, and my Wife.
Dyed Feb ye
12, 1729
76 years.

This was a response to a vague description of the epitaph in "Centipede; Famous last words", The Guardian, section 2 (24 Nov 1994) 4. There it is stated that Burraway was the result of an incestuous union between a man and his daughter. The baby was sent away to be brought up and years later happened to return to his native village where he met a older woman and became her lover, then her husband! (Shades of Oedipus!)

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