Paignton, Devon

Oliver Heaviside (1850-1925) lived at 6 Palace Avenue, in 1889-1897 with his parents. See under London individuals for his work and his earlier life and also qv Newton Abbot and Torquay. His mother died in 1894. In 1894, Fitzgerald, Lodge and Perry tried to get him to accept a grant from the RS Relief Fund but he would not accept it. However, in 1896, the same friends, supported by Rayleigh and Kelvin, got a Civil List Pension of £120 per year for him. His father died in 1896. In 1897, he moved to Newton Abbot and in 1908 to Torquay, where he died. He is buried in Paignton Cemetery. [Stanier]; [Greenwood]; [Whittaker]
See also Marldon, above.

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