Rochester, Kent

Walter de Merton (??-1277), founder of the eponymous Oxford college, was Bishop of Rochester, and is buried in the north choir transept of the Cathedral there [Greenwood]

There was a Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School, founded in 1701, in the High Street, where Gallery Two now stands - the city wall actually was part of the building. The master's house survives at 115 High Street. The school actually survives, but moved some years ago to a site on the edge of Rochester, on the road to Maidstone. David Garrick was a pupil, but did not achieve fame as a mathematician! [Coster]

Sir Clowdisley Shovell was MP for Rochester and presented the ceiling of the Council Room in the Guildhall [Timpson]. His coat of arms is on the clock on the outside of the Old Corn Exchange [Coster]

Samuel Horsley (1733-1806), Bishop of Rochester, was Secretary of the Royal Society from 1773.

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