Rushton, Northamptonshire

Here, 4 miles NW of Kettering, is Triangular Lodge, built by Sir Thomas Tresham in 1593-1596 (or 1594-1597 or 1595). It is one of the few triangular buildings in England. Tresham was a Catholic (spending some 15 years in prison because of this) and somewhat of a mystic numerologist. The whole design of the Lodge is based on the number three and its symbolism. He connected three with his own surname and used a trefoil as his emblem. Each side is 331/3 = 100/3 ft long (Barton says 33 ft 3 in), with three storeys and three windows, etc. The interior has three floors, each with three hexagonal rooms, each with a triangular corner. (Barton says each floor has a hexagonal room, with three triangular corners and this seems more likely.) The inscriptions all have 33 letters. It is an Ancient Monument and open to the public. [Lord]; [Lambton]; [Hogg]; [Barton]; [Burton] Barton dates it as 1593 and notes that 1593 is divisible by 3 and that the quotient, 591, is divisible by nine. In fact, 1593 = 33 × 59. Burton says the date is given as 93, reinforcing the trinitarian mysticism.

A mile or so west is another of Tresham's mystical buildings, Folly House, at Lyvedon New Buildings. This is based primarily on five, but three, seven and nine also occur. [Barton]

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