Scarborough, North Yorkshire

In Scarborough there is a c1350 building in Sandgate (or Sandside) on the seafront of South Bay called the King Richard III Inn because he is reputed to have stayed there. On the ceiling of one of the upper rooms is a 'Three Rabbits' pattern, but this is in the landlord and landlady's rooms and she was unwilling to let me see it. Inquiry to the Scarborough Museums and Gallery Officer elicited a photo held by the Planning Department in which the pattern can just be discerned and the information that it is in 16C plasterwork apparently done by Italian workers.

The inventor and aeronautical pioneer, George Cayley (1773-1857) was born in Paradise House, near the old parish church of St Mary's, near the Castle (Borough plaque), but he seems not to have lived here for very long [Rivett & Matthew].

Cayley's workshop was at Brompton Hall.

The Rotunda Museum in Valley Road has copies of Cayley's models [Blue Guide].

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