Valentia Island, Co. Kerry

Valentia Island was the landing point for the Transatlantic Cables, starting with the attempts in 1852, until the successful cables of 1865-1866. The first message was sent on 11 Aug 1858, but that cable failed within a month. Shortly afterward, it was found easier to land them on the mainland at nearby points of Ballinskelligs and Waterville (1870). They were also landed at Ballycarbery and/or Cooncroum, on the mainland a bit north of Valentia, and then continued across the bay to Valentia [Hammond]. Service ended in 1966. There is a small museum near Knightstown, Valentia, and several of the buildings survive. The actual station near Waterville also survives.

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An extract from The Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles created by David Singmaster

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