Wilton, Wiltshire

Wilton House, Wilton, near Salisbury, is the seat of the Earl of Pembroke. After a fire in 1647, the house was rebuilt by Inigo Jones and has a fine Double Cube Room and Single Cube Room. The edge of the cubes is 30 ft [Child]. The Double Cube Room contains a late seventeenth-century table with inlays of playing cards and money thrown down on the table.

The Little Ante Room has a Lucas van Leyden picture The Card Players.

There is a bust of Francis Bacon in the Stairway. The younger half-brother of the 12th Earl was Sidney Herbert, Secretary of War during the mid nineteenth century and the supporter of Florence Nightingale. He occupied the House since his brother lived abroad and so there is some Nightingale memorabilia here, including a nice bust and a sash (of the type?) she wore at Scutari.

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