Winchester, Hampshire

Winchester has one of England's oldest schools, founded by William of Wykeham (1324-1404), Bishop of Winchester who also founded New College, Oxford. He is buried in the Chantry Chapel of the Cathedral. [Greenwood]

Samuel Morland, G.H. Hardy and W.S. Gosset ("Student") were students here [Sandon].
Hardy was first in the scholarship competition in 1890, but the school treated him so atrociously that he never returned nor attended a reunion. Indeed, he would never eat mutton, which the school served five days per week [Kanigel].
C.V. Durell was mathematics master from 1905 until his retirement in the 1940s [Maxwell].
C.H.O'D. (Hugh) Alexander taught mathematics here c1930.
Freeman J. Dyson was a student to 1941 [Kanigel].
The puzzle writer, Eric Revell Emmet, was a teacher here.

Wren designed a palace for Charles II at Winchester and construction started in 1683, but was abandoned on the King's death in 1685. The half-finished building was used as a barracks, but burned down in the 1890s. [Summerson]

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