AMS Cole Prize in Algebra

Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra of the AMS

The Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra and the Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory were founded in honour of Professor Frank Nelson Cole on the occasion of his retirement as secretary of the American Mathematical Society after twenty-five years of service and as editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society for twenty-one years.

The original fund was donated by Professor Cole from money presented to him on his retirement, was augmented by contributions from members of the Society, and was later doubled by his son, Charles A Cole.

The present award is $5,000. The prizes were awarded at two different five-year intervals for contributions to algebra and the theory of numbers, but the intervals have been reduced to three years. The award is for a notable research memoir in analysis that has appeared during the past six years in a recognized North American journal and only members of the American Mathematical Society are eligible.

1928 L E Dickson

... for his book "Algebren und ihre Zahlentheorie".
1939 A Adrian Albert
... for his two papers on the construction of Riemann matrices published 1934 and 1935.
1944 Oscar Zariski
... for four papers on algebraic varieties published in the American Journal of Mathematics and in the Annals of Mathematics in 1939 and 1940.
1949 Richard Brauer
... for his paper "On Artin's L-series with general group characters".
1954 Harish-Chandra
... for his papers on representations of semisimple Lie algebras and groups, and particularly for his paper "On some applications of the universal enveloping algebra of a semisimple Lie algebra".
1960 Serge Lang
... for his paper "Unramified class field theory over function fields in several variables".
1960 Maxwell A Rosenlicht
... for his papers "Generalized Jacobian varieties" and "A universal mapping property of generalized Jacobians".
1965 Walter Feit and John G Thompson
... for their joint paper "Solvability of groups of odd order".
1970 John R Stallings
... for his paper "On torsion-free groups with infinitely many ends".
1970 Richard G Swan
... for his paper "Groups of cohomological dimension one".
1975 Hyman Bass
... for his paper "Unitary algebraic K-theory".
1975 Daniel G Quillen
... for his paper "Higher algebraic K-theories".
1980 Michael Aschbacher
... for his paper "A characterization of Chevalley groups over fields of odd order".
1980 Melvin Hochster
... for his paper "Topics in the homological theory of commutative rings".
1985 George Lusztig
... for his fundamental work on the representation theory of finite groups of Lie type. In particular for his contributions to the classification of the irreducible representations in characteristic zero of the groups of rational points of reductive groups over finite fields, appearing in "Characters of reductive groups over finite fields".
1990 Shigefumi Mori
... for his outstanding work on the classification of algebraic varieties and, in particular, for his paper "Flip theorem and the existence of minimal models for 3-folds".
1995 Michel Raynaud and David Harbater
... for their solution of Abhyankar's conjecture. This work appeared in the papers Revêtements de la droite affine en charactéristique p > 0" and "Abhyankar's conjecture on Galois groups over curves".
2000 Andrei Suslin
... for his work on motivic cohomology.
2000 Aise Johan de Jong
... for his important work on the resolution of singularities by generically finite maps.
2003 Hiraku Nakajima
... for his work in representation theory and geometry.
2006 János Kollár
... for his outstanding achievements in the theory of rationally connected varieties and for his illuminating work on a conjecture of Nash.
2009 Christopher Hacon and James McKernan
... for their groundbreaking joint work on higher dimensional birational algebraic geometry.
2012 Alexander S Merkurjev
... for his work on the essential dimension of groups.
2015 Peter Scholze
... for his work on perfectoid spaces which has led to a solution of an important special case of the weight-monodromy conjecture of Deligne.
2018 Robert Guralnick
... for his groundbreaking research on representation theory, cohomology, and subgroup structure of finite quasi-simple groups, and the wide-ranging applications of this work to other areas of mathematics.

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