CMS Coxeter-James Prize

The Coxeter-James Prize of the Canadian Mathematical Society

The Coxeter-James Prize was set up by the Canadian Mathematical Society to recognize young mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. It was named after Donald Coxeter and Ralph James. The first award was made in 1978.

1978 R Moody

1979 D Boyd

1980 F Clarke

1981 J Millson

1982 J Mallet-Paret

1983 M D Choi

1984 M Goresky

1985 P Selick

1986 E Perkins

1987 J Borwein

1988 R Murty

1989 A Dow

1990 N Ghoussoub

1991 K Murty

1992 J F Jardine

1993 Jacques Hurtubise

1994 Mark Spivakovsky

1995 Gordon Slade

1996 Nigel Higson

1997 Michael Ward

1998 Henri Darmon

1999 M Zworski

2000 Damien Roy

2001 Kai Behrend

2002 Lisa Jeffrey

2003 Jingyi Chen

2004 Izabella Laba

2005 Robert McCann

2006 Jim Geelen

2007 Vinayak Vatsal

2009 Ravi Vakil

2010 Bálint Virág

2011 Iosif Polterovich

2012 Gregory Smith

2013 Balazs Szegedy

2014 Marco Gualtieri

2015 Dong Li

2016 Louigi Addario-Berry

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