Herbrand Award

The Herbrand Award

The Conference on Automated Deduction set up the Herbrand Award for Distinguished Contributions to Automated Reasoning in 1992. The award may be made to an individual or a groups of individuals.

1992 Larry Wos

1994 Woody Bledsoe

1996 J Alan Robinson

1997 Wu Wen-Tsun

1998 Gérard Huet

1999 Robert S Boyer and J Strother Moore

2000 William W McCune

2001 Donald W Loveland

2002 Mark E Stickel

2003 Peter B Andrews

2004 Harald Ganzinger

2005 Martin Davis

2006 Wolfgang Bibel

2007 Alan Bundy

2008 Edmund M Clarke

2009 Deepak Kapur

2010 David Plaisted

2011 Nachum Dershowitz

2012 Melvin Fitting

2013 C Greg Nelson

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