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  1. Ledermann's St Andrews interview

  2. English attack on the Longitude Problem

  3. Longitude and the Académie Royale

  4. Mathematical games and recreations

  5. Memory, mental arithmetic and mathematics

  6. Thomas Harriot's manuscripts

  7. Thomas Hirst's diary comments

  8. Architecture and Mathematics

  9. Christianity and Mathematics

  10. The brachistochrone problem

  11. Cartography

  12. Voting

  13. The Scottish Book

  14. Measurement

  15. Forgery and Chasles

  16. Forgery and the Berlin Academy

  17. Mathematics and the physical world

  18. Debating topics on mathematics

  19. Art and mathematics - perspective

  20. The Weil family

  21. Poincaré - Inspector of mines

  22. Bernard Bolzano's manuscripts

  23. Bourbaki: the pre-war years

  24. Bourbaki: the post-war years

  25. London Coffee houses and mathematics

  26. Statistical material

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