Indian Mathematics: Redressing the balance

Ian G Pearce


  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Early Indian culture - Indus civilisation
  4. Mathematics in the service of religion:
    I. Vedas and Vedangas

    II. Sulba Sutras
  5. Jainism
  6. The Bakhshali manuscript
  7. Decimal numeration and the place-value system
  8. The Classical period:
    I Introduction

    II. Aryabhata and his commentators
    III. Brahmagupta, and the influence on Arabia
    IV. Mathematics over the next 400 years (700AD-1100AD)
    V. Bhaskaracharya II
    VI. Pell's equation
    VII. The end of the Classic period and the state of Indian mathematics abroad by the 12th century
  9. Keralese mathematics:
    I. Introduction

    II. Mathematicians of Kerala
    III. Madhava of Sangamagramma
    IV. Possible transmission of Keralese mathematics to Europe
  10. Conclusions

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