Edinburgh Mathematical Society Colloquium in St Andrews in 1926

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Mr C E Winn, Mr J Ghosh, Mr J Cassels, Mr J Rushton

BACK: Dr R Schlapp, Mr F W Perkens, Mr W M Inverarity, Mr D Gibb, Mr C D Walinck                     Mr G S Eastwood, Dr G D C Stokes, Mr R P Gillespie, Mr T L MacDonald, Mr J Burgess

ROW 4, Miss L McGregor, Miss E R Hull, Miss W M Deans, Miss E J Turnouth, Miss I R Arnott, Mrs Miller, Miss M C McColl, Miss M M Harrower, Mr R H Cobb, Mr R J Lyons, Prof J Miller, Mr G G Rogers, Mr R A Khalid, Mr W S Kerr

ROW 3, Miss M Burgess, Miss A M Lewis, Miss I K Stewart, Miss G E MacDonald, Miss S Maccoll, Miss M Knight, Miss M H Scott, Miss M C Simpson, Miss M C Gray, Mr J M Whittaker, Mrs Roger, Miss M T Christie, Mrs Stokes, Mrs Lyons, Mr J B Lockhart, Mr W G McClintock, Mr G Lawson, Mr F P P Disacre, Mr P Comrie

ROW 2, Dr R K Butchart, Mr W Arthur, Prof D Kasarinoff, Prof G A Larew, Prof S Brodetsky, Prof E T Whittaker, Mr W Saddler, Mr E T Copson, Dr J Dougall, Prof H W Turnbull, Prof F B Williams, Dr H W Richmond, Prof H F Baker, Mrs Turnbull, Mrs Baker, Mrs Williams, Mrs Burgess

ROW 1, Mr I Sandeman, Mr J Bates, Mr D Howat, Mr C I Lubin, Mr W Redpath, Dr W H Watson, Mr A N Fitzgerald, Mr J H W Wilby, Mr A Inglis, Mr M H Kandil, Dr A G Burgess, Miss Baker, Prof W H Lloyd, Mr T B Duncan, Mr J W Stewart

Names in green have entries in the Davis archive of women graduates

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