Edinburgh Mathematical Society Colloquium in St Andrews in 1984

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BACK ROW, Dr Peter D Williams, Mr J Currie, Dr Rick M Thomas, Dr K Davis, Dr M Ljeskovac, Dr J B Haddow, Dr A Ljeskovac, Miss M Khambadkone, Mrs Anne Watters, Mr Matthew J Watters, Prof John P Watters, Miss A Majumdar, Dr Alan L T Paterson, Mrs D Majumdar, Prof S Khosravani, Dr S Majumdar, Prof J Krempa,

THIRD ROW, Miss M H M Adamson, Mrs R Adamson, Mr Dimitris Dais, Mr G J Trotter, Dr Alev Eralp, Dr Naoki Kawamoto, Mrs S Lorimer, Mrs Jean Haddow, Dr R Tait, Prof Bruce Shawyer, Mrs E Tait, Dr J O'Connor, Miss Camilla Watters, Dr Edmund F Robertson, Dr A D Sands, Dr Elizabeth A McHarg, Dr J C Amson, Dr R J Steiner, Dr Ray A Ryan, Mr A R Fletcher, Prof T J Laffey, Mr R C Ledgard,

SECOND ROW, Dr P B Guest, Dr Peter G Trotter, Dr E Puczylowski, Prof W D Munn, Mrs Bernadette Trotter, Dr Elizabeth A Heinicke, Dr Jan Okninski, Dr W G Nowak, Prof Gregory Freiman, Dr J R L Webb, Dr A C McBride, Prof D A R Wallace, Dr T A Whitelaw, Dr D Martin, Mr Duncan Dicks, Prof Paul R Halmos, Dr Allan G Heinicke, Mr M H Rahbari, Dr G D Findlay,

FRONT ROW, Prof Ann Chi Kim, Miss Sarah Borwein, Dr B Thorpe, Dr C M Campbell, Prof David Borwein, Dr Patrick Smith, Dr Bessie Borwein, Prof T S Blyth, Miss P Trotter, Miss Sheila Heinicke, Dr James Semple, Dr Brian Mortimer, Prof Joseph H Oppenheim, Prof Walter K Hayman, Prof A G Naoum, Prof P E P Hirzebruch, Dr D M E Foster, Dr Iain T Adamson, Prof Boris M Schein, Prof John M Ball, Prof Jun Shung Hwang, Mr Patrick Heinicke, Prof D S Passman, Prof K A Hirsch, Prof John M Howie, Dr A W Chatters,

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