Edinburgh Mathematical Society Colloquium in St Andrews in 1988

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BACK ROW, E F Robertson, C M Campbell, W G Nowak, B Thorpe, K Dilcher, P G Dixon, D L Salinger, D Easdown, M M Elhosh, S D Zaidman, C Wood, T W Korner, S Schiavone, F H Kerr, P Schiavone, G M Phillips, B J Philp

THIRD ROW, G Weissenborn, J J O'Connor, M J Crabb, D S G Stirling, J R L Webb, T A Whitelaw, R J Cook, J P Oppenheim, J H Renshaw, J E Reeve, J G Clunie, T S Blyth, E McHarg, F Smithies, J C Amson

SECOND ROW, A C McBride, D Borwein, P B Guest, W K Hayman, J B McLeod, S Smale, S J Patterson, R M F Moss, J M Howie, A Baernstein, D M E Foster, H Minc

FRONT ROW, N Dudley-Ward, A Macintyre, C O'Dunlaing, M Gilchrist, J Stover, P Haywood, R K Noble, P L Walker

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