Paris Statistical Society

The Statistical Society of Paris

The Société de Statistique de Paris (Statistical Society of Paris) was founded in 1860. It no longer exists today, since it is one of the societies that merged to form the 'Société Française de Statistique' (French Statistical Society) in 1997. It had its first meeting at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris on 5 June 1860, under the chairmanship of Michel Chevalier. Beginning in 1860, the Society published the Journal de la Société de Statistique de Paris (Journal of the Statistical Society of Paris) which has transferred to the French Statistical Society and is the main publication of the present Society.

For an English version of the article Les Racines de la Societe Française de Statistique (The roots of the French Statistical Society) by Jean-Jacques Droesbeke giving the full story of French Statistical Society and the societies which amalgamated in its formation, including the Statistical Society of Paris, see THIS LINK.

For the Section of Jacques Droesbeke's article specifically looking at the history of the Statistical Society of Paris, see THIS LINK.

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