St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1992

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society held the St Andrews Colloquium in St Andrews from 11 to 18 July 1992.

A picture of the 1992 Colloquium is available at THIS LINK and a picture of the "Colloquium singers" is available HERE.

  1. The Lecturers of the St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1992.

    The following gave a series of lectures:

    (a) Professor Vaughan R Jones (Berkeley) - "Knots, von Neumann algebras and low dimensional
    quantum field theory."

    (b) Professor A (Sandy) M Davie (Edinburgh), - "Nonlinear dynamics, real and complex."

    (c) Professor Ronald L Graham (Bell Labs) - "Aspects of randomness in combinatorics."

    The following gave one-hour lectures:

    (d) Professor Peter B Borwein (Dalhousie) - "From Muntz polynomials to irrationality of zeta(3)."

    (e) Professor Elmer G Rees (Edinburgh) - "Critical points of functions on bundles."

    (f) Professor Paul R Halmos (Santa Cruz) - "I still don't know the answers."

    Seminars were organised by:

    (g) Professor Jim Howie (Heriot-Watt) - algebra/combinatorics seminars.

    (h) Professor Allan M Sinclair (Edinburgh) - analysis seminars.

  2. From the Edinburgh Mathematical Society General Council Minutes.

    The following are from the General Council papers of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society from October 1992:

    There were 104 enrolled 'including wives/partners (for VAT reasons) but not children'.

    There were 16 algebra/combinatorics seminars organised by Jim Howie and 16 analysis seminars organised by Allan Sinclair.

    The putting competition was won by Ron Graham, with Vaughan Jones in second place.

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