Edinburgh Mathematical Society 125 Anniversary Dinner

The following is an extract from the minutes of the 125th Anniversary Meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society held at the University of Edinburgh at 3 p.m. on Friday, 15th February 2008:

At 7pm the Anniversary Dinner was held in the Raeburn and Carstares room in Old College. The menu and toast list follow these minutes.

The official guests

At the dinner, the President introduced the official guests of the Society:

In addition, several other guests of the Society were present at the dinner:

The toasts
In proposing a toast to the Society, Professor McBride discussed the character of the Society and gave his personal reminiscences of some of the Officers and events of the last twenty five years.

In replying to Professor McBride, the President thanked all those who had contributed to the occasion. He then drew attention to some of the current activity within the Society and commented on the opportunities and challenges for the Society in the years ahead.

Edinburgh Mathematical Society 125th Anniversary Dinner
Friday 15th February 2008
Raeburn and Carstares Room
Old College
Pepper and Courgette Tart

Corn fed Chicken with Tarragon

Citrus Mousse Profiteroles

Tea and Coffee
With Petit Fours

Mathematics the Queen of Sciences: The President.

The Society: Professor Adam McBride, University of Strathclyde.

Reply: The President.

Chardonnay, One Chain Vineyards
Sauvignon Blanc, Largesse
Pinot Grigio, Bella Modella
Chemin Blanc, Aloe Tree

Shiraz, Aloe Tree
Nero D'Avola, Bella Modella
Merlot, Largesse
Malbec, Santa Rosa

Rob Archbold
John Toland
Sheila T Murray
James D Murray
Mark Chaplain
Jim Howie
Martin Taylor
John Ball
Michael Singer
Neil K Dickson
Jeff Webb
Andrew Lacey
Ken Brown
Dmitri Alekseevsky
Chris Eilbeck
Frederike van Wijck
Alastair Gillespie
Tom Lenagan
Peter Kropholler
Brian Davies
Penny Davies
David Abrahams
Dugald Duncan
Marilyn Minns-Lapteva
A Laptev
Colin Campbell
Judith Morrison (née Thom)
Edmund Robertson
Adam McBride
Marit Hartveit
Michael Atiyah
John O'Connor
David Morrison
Peter Rowlinson
Colva Roney-Dougal
Kenneth Falconer
Les Davison
Z Farkas?
John Thompson
Andrew Ranicki
Chris Smyth
Allan Sinclair
Tim Goodman
Robert Duncan
Roderick Smith
Pamela Smith
Alex Craik
Elizabeth Craik
Tony Gilbert
Liam O'Carroll
John McCutcheon
Allan Grady
Keith Grady

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