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A summary of the theory of the refraction of thin approximately axial pencils through a series of media bounded by coaxial spherical surfaces, with application to a photographic triplet, &c. Vol XIV (1895) 2-25
Some elementary theorems regarding surds Vol XIX (1900) 46-49
Application of the multiplication of matrices to prove a theorem in spherical geometry Vol II (1883) 45-47
On the discrimination of conics enveloped by the rays joining the corresponding points of two projective ranges Vol II (1883) 47-48
On a problem in partition of numbers Vol II (1883) 49-50
Mathematical models, chiefly of surfaces of the second degree Vol II (1883) 5
On the problem to construct the minimum circle enclosing n given points in a plane Vol III (1884) 30-33
On certain formulae for repeated differentiation Vol III (1884) 94-95
On a method for obtaining the differential equation to an algebraical curve Vol III (1884) 95-100
On certain inverse roulette problems Vol V (1886) 38-50
On the inequality mxm-1(x - 1) > (or <) xm - 1 > (or <) m(x - 1) and its consequences Vol VI (1887) 29-33

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