Papers by Thomas MacRobert in the
EMS Proceedings and Notes

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Relations between the integrals of the hypergeometric equation Vol 37 (1918) 80-84
The Modified Bessel Function Kn(z) Vol 38 (1919) 10-19
Asymptotic expansions for the Bessel functions, and the Fourier-Bessel expansions Vol 39 (1920) 13-20
The asymptotic expansions of the spherical harmonics Vol 41 (1922) 82-93
On an asymptotic expansion of the hypergeometric function Vol 42 (1923) 84-87
Expansions in series of spherical harmonics Vol 42 (1923) 88-92
A proof of the addition theorem for the Legendre functions Vol 42 (1923) 93-94
On the sufficiency of the condition for a limit Notes: 12 (1913)
A method of obtaining examples on the multiplication of determinants Notes: 20 (1916)

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